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WyTech International offers a complete line of the finest surgical instrumentation for all specialties: Cardiovascular / Thoracic, Urological, Orthopedic, Arthroscopic, ENT, Colon & Rectal, Ophthalmic, Plastic Surgery, Dermal, Neurosurgical and Microsurgical.



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Whether you are the purchasing agent for a large hospital or the only doctor in a small town clinic, we will treat you as our best customer, because you are.



Company Profile

WyTech International is a family owned company, dedicated to giving you the personalized service you deserve. We have been supplying the Instruments with the finest in surgical instrumentation for all specialties for over 10 years. Our office is located just outside the.

We have a sophisticated certified quality management system which ensures that you - and ultimately the patients - receive premium-class products at all times. From suppliers to final inspection and including production: the highest of standards apply at all levels at Surgical Dental Instruments

Quality orientation

We work with the newest production technology and state-of-the-art CNC machines. All our production process are subject to inspection and monitoring conforming to the strictest directives and guidelines.  Our employees are highly-qualified and consistently maintain their know-how and expertise in medical technology at the latest level through continuous advanced training and education.  We also attach the greatest importance to the choice of materials utilised. We carefully select our suppliers and exclusively process EU raw materials to ensure the highest standard of quality in this respect. 

 Benefits our customers

The performance and services we provide are not only superior in every respect, but also highly efficient.  A modern production facility provides optimum conditions for efficient manufacturing. This encompasses electropolishing, manual polishing, sand blasting and careful final inspection. We also pride ourselves on our intelligent warehouse storage. All these factors ensure that you enjoy a comprehensive service and can rest assured that the medical solutions you receive meet the highest levels of excellence



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